Saint Michel ESSENZIA DORMIRE Mattress

Saint Michel ESSENZIA DORMIRE Mattress

Bagged micro spring mattress (1600 springs in 150x190) which, together with its HR layers of maximum breathability, provides a rest without any pressure and with a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Ideal mattress for very hot people.

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The Saint Michel mattress by Essenzia Dormire is a highly recommended product for people looking for very soft comfort, with natural raw materials that provide a pleasant feeling of well-being.
This mattress incorporates an Ultra 50 air layer that, in addition to avoiding pressure points during rest, is highly ventilated and with great resistance to deformation. Ideal for people looking for high performance with lasting elasticity.
In Essenzia Dormire, noble raw materials of the highest quality chosen by experts in the sector are used, under strict quality control. All its products are manufactured in Spain by mattress artisans, using the most advanced technology in the market and always betting on customer satisfaction.


SuperStrech Fabric. High quality fabric that allows perfect aeration of the inner layers of the mattress.
Ultra 50 air. Open cell viscoelastic that provides a feeling of freshness and avoids pressure points.
Dry High Soft. Very elastic material, soft and with the least loss of firmness on the market, absorbs moisture preventing it from passing inside the mattress.
Confort RR. High carbon density foam that provides firmness so that the mattress is not excessively soft.
Multipro Energy 1600. A core with 1600 pocket springs (T-150x190) with seven comfort zones to eliminate pressure points during rest.
2 años
Altamente transpirable
Independencia de lechos
Oëko-Tex Standard 100
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Base tapizada y canape con tapa rígida.
Proteger con protector impermeable y transpirable.
Antiácaros - Hipoalergénico
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2. Volteo de cara y giro de cabeza a pies.
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