Solei SONPURA Mattress
Solei SONPURA Mattress
Solei SONPURA Mattress
Solei SONPURA Mattress

Solei SONPURA Mattress

The Solei mattress is the perfect combination of firmness and durability. Distinguished for being a mattress with a core of 500 pocket springs with viscoelastic at the lowest price.

One of the best quality-price options in pocket springs, with the guarantee of a great brand.





The Sonpura Fusion model offers us an exclusive material that evenly distributes the pressure exerted by the body. Tones and promotes blood circulation. Its design at different heights allows greater aeration and breathability.


Viscoelastic is a thermosensitive material that adapts perfectly to the body by reaction to body temperature, favoring better blood circulation thanks to the decrease in pressure points.


An extra adaptability achieved with Microsil, its high density provides a high degree of comfort and greater durability in the mattress structure. Its original properties remain unchanged for years.

500 Multisac System of Pocket Springs

The 500 spring Multisac System is the most widespread model in pocket springs. So we get the advantages of the most economical form of manufacturing, high perspiration, greater adaptability and independence of beds.
Proteger con protector impermeable y transpirable.
2 años
Independencia de lechos
Si, en tejidos y espumaciones
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Antiácaros - Hipoalergénico
Caras de uso
2. Volteo de cara y giro de cabeza a pies.
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