Flash Pocket ASTRAL Mattress
Flash Pocket ASTRAL Mattress
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Flash Pocket ASTRAL Mattress
Flash Pocket ASTRAL Mattress

Flash Pocket ASTRAL Mattress

The Astral Flash Pocket Mattress is composed of Comfort Foam, a pocket spring core that guarantees a perfect adaptation to the body's shape and weight, hypoallergenic fibers and the soft-touch Stretch Fabric that is equipped with the Fresche Treatment and is manufactured without substances harmful.


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The Astral Flash Pocket mattress contains a pocket spring core and Comfort Foam. Other components are, the Stretch Fabric that gives softness and pleasant touch, and hypoallergenic fibers that provide greater anti-mite barrier.
The exclusive system of pocket springs ensures that the firmness of the mattress is proportional to the force exerted by the body weight on it, providing more comfort and durability and avoiding pressure points during rest.
The Comfort Foam is a material with a high capacity for recovery and adaptation. It evenly distributes the pressure of the body on the mattress improving blood circulation and favors a better rest, reducing changes of position during the night.
This mattress has been made without using harmful substances and has received the Fresche Treatment, which is an antibacterial and anti-mold treatment that respects the environment.
All natural fibers used to manufacture this mattress, whether of plant or animal origin, have been dermatologically tested to ensure full compatibility with the skin.
Stretch Fabric. Provides softness and a nice touch.
Confort Soft. High density foam very adaptable and prevents sinking during rest.
Foam Comfort. High density foam that allows a perfect coupling of the different inner layers of the mattress, while giving the mattress a certain degree of firmness.
Pocke Springs. Pocket spring core with compact system to avoid deformation of the mattress when sitting and that guarantees a perfect adaptation during rest.
Hypoallergenic fiber. Silicone hollow fiber with antibacterial and anti-mite treatment that favors maximum air circulation inside the mattress reducing the sensation of heat.
Proteger con protector impermeable y transpirable.
2 años
Altamente transpirable
Independencia de lechos
Oëko-Tex Standard 100
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2. Volteo de cara y giro de cabeza a pies.
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