New Ensyvisco COMODON Mattress
New Ensyvisco COMODON Mattress
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New Ensyvisco COMODON Mattress
New Ensyvisco COMODON Mattress

New Ensyvisco COMODON Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress with pocket spring, medium firmness, viscoelastic on both sides to give it adaptability, and a core of 1500 individual micro pocket springs that adapt to the contour of the body and create the ideal bed independence. 


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The New Ensyvisco Mattress has a 600grs Strech fabric on its lid, resistant, with anti-mite and bactericidal treatment.
Bagged micro pocket springs core with 1500 springs that gives you greater comfort and eliminates many more pressure points than the standard pocket spring.
This type of spring increases the independence of beds, obtaining a better rest when sleeping as a couple.
Al tener muelles ensacados, es decir metidos en saquitos, se hace más transpirable y fresco, por consiguiente más limpio e higiénico.
Among its layers of comfort we find viscoelastic, 4cm of Super Soft and Fiber of 200gr.
The whole set closes with an extra hard HR 30kg perimeter reinforcement and a 600gr Strech fabric band.
All this together with its bagged spring housing gives us great adaptability and provides us with a great deal of rest by adapting perfectly to our body structure.
It is undoubtedly a highly recommended mattress for people with back problems and of course for people who usually move a lot when sleeping, because having independence of beds and sleeping as a couple will not disturb the dreams of your partner.
The whole set gives a height of 30cm +/-, it is used on both sides which provides less memory effect and more durability and is manufactured in Spain.
Proteger con protector impermeable y transpirable.
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