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3 Órbitas ASTRAL Mattress 3 Órbitas ASTRAL Mattress 2
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3 Órbitas ASTRAL Mattress

The 3 Órbitas mattress by Astral is composed of Comfort Foam, which combines firmness in 3 zones, the Double Offset system provides 25% more springs, the soft-touch Stretch Fabric, is equipped with the Fresche Treatment and is manufactured without harmful substances.
€388.50 €555.00
Air Fixed GoldSleep Slatted Base
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Air Fixed GoldSleep Slatted Base

MAXIMUM QUALITY AND BREATHABILITY High-end bed base, recommended for those looking for the durability and firmness of an upholstered base, but with 100% perspiration. 
€186.20 €266.00
Almohada Memory 51 IVORIMATEX
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Almohada Memory 51 IVORIMATEX

Almohada de Visco de 51Kg de densidad perfilada y de célula abierta, posee una estructura de 14 cm de altura que combina una excelente ergonomía, con un sistema de ventilación que evita la acumulación del calor disipando la humedad. Está revestida por una funda de Tencel que elimina la humedad y actua como barrera para las bacterias, ácaros y moho.
€59.50 €85.00
Amanecer COMODON Mattress Amanecer COMODON Mattress 2
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Amanecer COMODON Mattress

The Amanecer mattress is manufactured with a 2.4mm Bonell spring, and layers of comfort to adapt to the body structure of each person. It is the ideal mattress for beaches and country houses.
€266.05 €313.00
Anuk Plus ASTRAL Mattress Anuk Plus ASTRAL Mattress 2
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Anuk Plus ASTRAL Mattress

The Anuk Plus mattress is composed of a foam core Hr Plumex Soft, Cooler and Comfort Foam, giving rise to a highly breathable and fresh mattress. It is also manufactured with ecologically certified glues and no harmful substances.
€459.90 €657.00
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Arena ASTRAL Mattress Arena ASTRAL Mattress 2
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Arena ASTRAL Mattress

The Arena mattress is composed of a core of Hr plumex soft with soft comfort viscoelastic, which provide us with a healthy adaptation and an optimal distribution of the pressures on the mattress, and viscoelastic, coolgel and hypoallergenic fibers.
€512.40 €732.00
Baloo COMODÓN Cradle Mattress Baloo COMODÓN Cradle Mattress 2
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Baloo COMODÓN Cradle Mattress

Springless cradle mattress with viscoelastic padding. High density HR foam core Anti-mite treatment and non-deformable.
€95.25 €127.00
Bubu COMODÓN Mattress Bubu COMODÓN Mattress 2
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Bubu COMODÓN Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress without springs with medium-high firmness, viscoelastic in the padding and its HR foam core creates the classic youth mattress but now without springs. 16cm +/- height. 
€142.50 €150.00
COMODON Upholstered Base COMODON Upholstered Base 2
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COMODON Upholstered Base

Upholstered bases are recommended so that the mattress rests on a flat and hard surface. They are recommended for any type of mattress except latex.
€83.25 €111.00
Cooler Box COMODON Mattress Cooler Box COMODON Mattress 2
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Cooler Box COMODON Mattress

The Cooler Box mattress is synonymous with adaptability, comfort and unsurpassed firmness due to its core of pocket springs and viscogel layers, a good choice to get a great rest.
€420.00 €500.00
Cooler COMODON Mattress Cooler COMODON Mattress 2
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Cooler COMODON Mattress

The COOLER model, with its high temperature transmission fabric, helps keep our skin 1.3 ºC lower than with other fabrics such as cotton and polyester. A mattress designed with innovative fabrics, viscoelastic gel, HR AIR CONFORT core and other components that make rest a real pleasure.
€420.00 €500.00
Viscodorsal COMODÓN Mattress Viscodorsal COMODÓN Mattress 2
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copy of Viscodorsal COMODÓN Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress with spring PATENTED DORSAL SYSTEM, of high firmness, 2cm of viscoelastic on both sides to give a touch of comfort without giving up its high and unique firmness, its spring core is patented by the brand COMODÓN.
€455.60 €536.00
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