Topper Versalles Linus Fabric ASTRAL

Topper Versalles Linus Fabric ASTRAL

Magnificent complement to any mattress that provides greater comfort and adaptation favoring a restful and pleasant rest. Composed of corn, cotton and plain terlenka, and 5 cm thick.


The Versalles Topper with Astral Linus fabric has been made to provide a comfort and adaptation package that allows a rest without any type of body pressure which facilitates the circulation of blood and, consequently, a greater oxygenation and recovery during rest.
Ideal for any mattress, but above all, for those who have an excess of hardness.


Terlenka. Material derived from corn that is insulating, light, breathable, antibacterial and with great moldability and body adaptation, also prevents humidity and mold.
Wool. Light, thin, resistant and elastic wool, with excellent insulating and thermoregulating properties.

Cotton. Very breathable, fresh and soft. Its moldability makes it a guaranteed source of comfort.
Altamente transpirable
Antiácaros - Hipoalergénico
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