Amanecer COMODON Mattress
Amanecer COMODON Mattress
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Amanecer COMODON Mattress
Amanecer COMODON Mattress

Amanecer COMODON Mattress

The Amanecer mattress is manufactured with a 2.4mm Bonell spring, and layers of comfort to adapt to the body structure of each person. It is the ideal mattress for beaches and country houses.


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The Amanecer Mattress perfectly joins the Bonell spring core with the extra soft HR and viscoelastic layers to get a pleasant feeling at rest.
The Bonell spring core is made of 2.4 mm wire, forming a double inverted cone, to cushion the movements that occur during sleep.
Made with high gramage Strech fabric, softer and more elastic. With Sanitized anti-mite, anti-mold and antibacterial treatment.
50kg viscoelastic layer that adapts to the body and helps distribute the pressures to avoid back and neck problems.
Todothrem fiber to eliminate the humidity produced by our body at rest, making it cleaner and avoiding hygiene problems.
A layer of HR AIR COMFORT, this high density foam layer gives you greater comfort and adaptability. Allows greater aeration thanks to the breakage of its internal cells, for better aeration of the whole set.
With all this we get a mattress with 25cm +/- height, very breathable, anatomical and to use on both sides. Made in Spain.
Independencia de lechos
2 años
Proteger con protector impermeable y transpirable.
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Caras de uso
2. Volteo de cara y giro de cabeza a pies.
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