Sfera ASTRAL NATURE Mattress
Sfera ASTRAL NATURE Mattress
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Sfera ASTRAL NATURE Mattress
Sfera ASTRAL NATURE Mattress

Sfera ASTRAL NATURE Mattress

Sfera Mattress from Astral Nature, is manufactured with a pocket spring core (320 springs/m2) and natural materials, creating ideal rest, ensuring bed independence and adaptability, removing preassure  points. Medium-high firmness.

In addition, its fibers and natural products guarantees breathability and avoid heat.


Astral Nature

Sfera Mattress from Astral Nature is manufactured from a careful selection of high quality materials, where thermoregulation of the mattress and isolation provides our customers a high level rest with great guarantees.
Made with care by artisans of great prestige, make this mattress a unique comfort, where the good rest is reflected in the day to day.
This hybrid betwee spring mattress and natural materials, is made with the best of each type:  Its pocket spring gives an ideal firmness for people of any weight, and without discarding the most important, breathability, thanks to its component in natural visco-soy.
Every Astral Nature mattresses are made from a careful selection of insulation and thermoregulation materials of natural origin that, besides being more comfortable, keeps the body temperature and  effectively process humidity.
Designed, layer by layer, to ensure maximum comfort. Discover this mattress, the healthy pleasure of a natural dream.

100% viscose. Soft, light, fresh, breathable and very absorbent. An ideal vegetable fiber for hot and humid climates.
100% cotton Very breathable, fresh and soft. Its moldability makes it a guaranteed source of comfort.

100% wool. Soft, elastic, flexible and moldable. It offers excellent thermal insulation and great moisture absorption.
Sojablock. Breathable and with a great natural capacity for recovery and body adaptation.
Terlenka Eco. Biodegradable, insulating, light, breathable, antibacterial and with great moldability and body adaptation.

Tecnología extra
Fabricación totalmente artesanal
Sannitize+Oëko-Tex Standard 100
Bases recomendadas
Base tapizada y canape con tapa rígida.
Altamente transpirable
Independencia de lechos
Proteger con protector impermeable y transpirable.
2 años
Antiácaros - Hipoalergénico
Caras de uso
2. Volteo de cara y giro de cabeza a pies.
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