Royal SONPURA Mattress
Royal SONPURA Mattress
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Royal SONPURA Mattress
Royal SONPURA Mattress

Royal SONPURA Mattress

The combination of cotton and linen give this mattress maximum breathability. Now its 1800 micro pocket springs offer more contact points, which translates into a greater durability, comfort and adaptability. The highest range in pocket springs.


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Natural fibers

Royal mattress offer inside  natural fibers as cotton and linen free of any chemical product, absorbing body humidity, keeping the mattress fresh and dry.


Viscoelastic is a heat sensitive material wich adapts perfectly to your body by reaction to body temperature, favoring better blood circulation thanks to decrease of preassure points.


Tencel fabric is an ecological fiber with heat sensitive properties and an excellent humidity absorption capacity. Tencel prevents the growth of bacteria and mites and reduces the appearance of allergies.

Ideal for sensitive skins and allergic people.

1800 Micro Pocket Springs Multisac Micro

The most advanced tecnology in pocket springs Multisac Micro with 1800 pocket springs triples comfort and adaptability of classic innerspring and allows highest ergonomic precision. New arrangement of the springs as a bee panel for total accuracy.

Tecnología extra
2 años
Altamente transpirable
Independencia de lechos
Proteger con protector impermeable y transpirable.
Bases recomendadas
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Antiácaros - Hipoalergénico
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