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Indra SONPURA mattress combines the flexibility from high quality pocket springs with adaptability and comfort from its viscoelastic and comfort profile layer.

Ideal mattress for those who are looking for high firmness on pocket springs.


700 Pocket Springs

Multisac avanced tecnology (700 pocket springs), provides 40% more ergonomic precision, independence of movements, improves blood circulation and gives a perfect breathability.


Perfilconfort masage effect is an excellent adaptability material  and masage effect, thanks to its profiled area tones the body and favors relax and rest. 


Microsil is a high density and strength material, that provides great adaptability from the body to the mattress and higher durability.


Viscolastic improves rest quality, is a heat sensitive material wich adapts to the body perfectly, favoring a better blood circulation thanks to decrease of preassure points.

Data sheet

Bases recomendadas
Base tapizada y canape con tapa rígida.
Independencia de lechos
Proteger con protector impermeable y transpirable.
2 años
Tecnología extra
Perfilconfort. Efecto masaje y alta transpirabilidad.
Si, en tejidos y espumaciones.
Antiácaros - Hipoalergénico
Caras de uso
2. Volteo de cara y giro de cabeza a pies.

High-end upholstered Sonpura base. Chipboard support for greater structural quality. Metal structure with 5 bars. Patented BASE-FIX system.

Upholstered with confortec and 3D Drycare.


3D Drycare-breathable fabric with aerators. Maximum perspiration Prevention against mites, bacteria and fungus. Includes aerators.

Available in two diferent upholstery finishes in 3D Drycare: Black and Beige.
Also with metallic legs in dark grey and Cherry color wood.  Legs height 25cm.

Chipboard support for greater structural quality.

Functional design, upholstered in breathable 3D Drycare fabric, to be combined between metal or wooden legs.

Fixing system designed and patented by Sonpura® BASE-FIX.

100% stability eliminating any movement of the base for a more comfortable rest.
For measurements of 160 and 180 it is recommended to order two bases of 80cm or 90cm respectively.
In measures of 90 and 105 it is manufactured with 4 legs, measures 135, 150 and 160 with 5 legs.
Height without legs: 6cm
Height with legs: 31cm
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