Mattress with parallel pocket spring core that together with the 50 kg density viscoelastic offer high adaptability and smoothness at rest, guaranteeing, in addition, optimal durability. Great comfort at a reduced price. Request more information in our mail or on our phone 681679314 .


Mattress with essential multipro system (500 springs T-150x190), parallel-packed spring core that optimizes adaptation avoiding pressure points during rest. An excellent price quality ratio mattress. Request more information in our mail or on our phone 681679314 .

Eco GOLDSLEEP Slatted Base

Slatted bed base, the classic. Recommended for second homes and low-use beds. THE CLASSIC SLATTED BASE WITH CLAWS
  • -30%


Quality and desing. Legs included. Special for latex mattresses and rooms with high humidity to favor mattress ventilation.
€108.50 €155.00
Upholstered base 5B GOLDSLEEP Upholstered base 5B GOLDSLEEP 2
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  • -20%

Upholstered base 5B GOLDSLEEP

Upholstered base with reinforced structure. Upholstered in 3D mesh Color to choose.  HIGH QUALITY - Guaranteed No. 1 in Sales Recommended product for any type of mattress, with or without springs, except latex.
€148.00 €185.00

Maio ECUS Mattress

Mattress with patented Ecus Multispring core and high density Hr padding resulting in a firm and adaptable rest. A pocket spring mattress at an incredible price and with the Ecus guarantee. WE IMPROVE ANY BUDGET.

Prisma SONPURA Mattress

Prisma Sonpura Mattress is the most basic of pocket spring Multisac range. With its inner 500 pocket springs we get its advantages at the lowest price. It also counts with Confortec as main padding giving place to a mattress with  bed independence and that offers a very adaptable rest with medium firmness.
Gaudí SONPURA Mattress Gaudí SONPURA Mattress 2
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Gaudí SONPURA Mattress

LEADER IN SALES - BEST POCKET SPRING MATTRESS 2017. Tones the body and promotes relaxation thanks to the 1300 micro pocket springs, Soft Comfort and HR30kg Densitech. Medium firmness, this is one of the best sellers and highlights of micro pocket spring range.
Sfera ASTRAL NATURE Mattress Sfera ASTRAL NATURE Mattress 2
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Sfera ASTRAL NATURE Mattress

Sfera Mattress from Astral Nature, is manufactured with a pocket spring core (320 springs/m2) and natural materials, creating ideal rest, ensuring bed independence and adaptability, removing preassure  points. Medium-high firmness. In addition, its fibers and natural products guarantees breathability and avoid heat.
Bora ASTRAL NATURE Mattress Bora ASTRAL NATURE Mattress 2
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The Bora Astral Nature Mattress is manufactured with a core of bagged micromuelles (575 springs / m2) and natural materials, creating the ideal rest. It also ensures bed independence and adaptability by eliminating all pressure points and, thanks to its fibers and natural products, guarantees maximum breathability and prevents heat. 

Coral SONPURA Mattress

The Sonpura Coral Mattress is a unique opportunity to enjoy an excellent viscoelastic mattress and pocket springs, with one of the best cores in the market, at a great value for money.
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