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Baloo COMODÓN Cradle Mattress Baloo COMODÓN Cradle Mattress 2
  • -25%

Baloo COMODÓN Cradle Mattress

Springless cradle mattress with viscoelastic padding. High density HR foam core Anti-mite treatment and non-deformable.
€95.25 €127.00
Bubu COMODÓN Mattress Bubu COMODÓN Mattress 2
  • -5%

Bubu COMODÓN Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress without springs with medium-high firmness, viscoelastic in the padding and its HR foam core creates the classic youth mattress but now without springs. 16cm +/- height. 
€142.50 €150.00
Yogui COMODÓN Mattress Yogui COMODÓN Mattress 2
  • -5%

Yogui COMODÓN Mattress

Springless mattress with HR AIR COMFORT core of 28kg, viscoelastic for a better rest. Anti-odor and anti-mite treatment that improves the hygiene of the mattress. This is the ideal mattress for the smallest of the house.
€159.60 €168.00
V-23 Gel DESYCON Mattress
  • -5%

V-23 Gel DESYCON Mattress

Design and comfort. The V-23 Gel mattress is manufactured without springs with Gel viscoelastic padding so that it eliminates the sensation of heat during rest, making a cooler mattress. It has a medium - high firmness.
€199.50 €210.00
Orion DESYCON Mattress
  • -5%

Orion DESYCON Mattress

The style, made rest. A modern style characterizes this mattress without springs with 4cm of high density viscoelastic and medium firmness.
€235.60 €248.00
Flash Hr ASTRAL Mattress Flash Hr ASTRAL Mattress 2
  • -25%

Flash Hr ASTRAL Mattress

The Flash Hr mattress is formed by a Hr Comfort Soft core that provides a high degree of comfort and an adequate natural position of the spine, and Comfort Foam, Hypoallergenic Fibers and Hr Plumex, giving the mattress a high adaptability.
€339.75 €453.00
Anuk Plus ASTRAL Mattress Anuk Plus ASTRAL Mattress 2
  • -30%

Anuk Plus ASTRAL Mattress

The Anuk Plus mattress is composed of a foam core Hr Plumex Soft, Cooler and Comfort Foam, giving rise to a highly breathable and fresh mattress. It is also manufactured with ecologically certified glues and no harmful substances.
€459.90 €657.00
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