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EMMA Mattress + 5B GOLD SLEEP Upholstered Base

Magnificent combination between the best mattress according to the OCU and one of the best bases on the market upholstered in highly breathable 3D fabric and with reinforced metal structure. Get this set with an additional 20% discount on the base and with a 100-day trial on the mattress.

EMMA Mattress + Mega 30 mm GOLD SLEEP Storage Base

Magnificent pack in which you can buy the EMMA mattress, better valued by the OCU, and one of the most reinforced storage bases and with greater capacity of the market, all obtaining an additional discount of 20% in the base and with 100 days of testing in the mattress.

Gaudí SONPURA Mattress + Upholstered Base 5B GOLD SLEEP

Offer composed for the Gaudí mattress recommended by the OCU for its excellent value for money, and one of the most resistant and breathable upholstered bases on the market with 5 reinforcement bars and seven legs, making it an ideal support for any type of mattress , and the 3D fabric that prevents any humidity accumulation and allows perfect mattress...
Gaudí Mattress + Global Wooden Storage Base by SONPURA Gaudí Mattress + Global Wooden Storage Base by SONPURA 2
  • -15%

Gaudí Mattress + Global Wooden Storage Base by SONPURA

Perfect combination between one of the best mattresses, according to the OCU, for its perfect adaptation to any body weight, where its micro pocket springs core, its viscoelastic and its different layers of comfort offer a rest without equal, and the wooden storage base which, in addition to being the ideal support for the mattress offers a perfect...
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