Spring Mattresses


Mattress with parallel pocket spring core that together with the 50 kg density viscoelastic offer high adaptability and smoothness at rest, guaranteeing, in addition, optimal durability. Great comfort at a reduced price. Request more information in our mail info@descansa.es or on our phone 681679314 .


Mattress with essential multipro system (500 springs T-150x190), parallel-packed spring core that optimizes adaptation avoiding pressure points during rest. An excellent price quality ratio mattress. Request more information in our mail info@descansa.es or on our phone 681679314 .


Honeycomb pocket spring mattress that guarantees an optimal and viscoelastic adaptation surface on both sides. Mattress with special double-sided reinforced system that provides a high degree of firmness ideal for people with weight. Request more information in our mail info@descansa.es or in our phone number 681679314 .

Capri Titanium ESSENZIA DORMIRE Mattress

A medium firm mattress for demanding people. Its active suspension of titanium springs, together with its high-level inner layers, result in a mattress with an elegant finish and a high level of comfort. An excellent value for money mattress. Request more information in our mail info@descansa.es or on our phone 681679314 .

Basic DESYCON Mattress

The rest begins, at the lowest price. Mattress recommended for low use beds or second homes.

Alba DESYCON Mattress

Good price without giving up comfort. The Alba mattress is one of the most basic in the Desycon spring range, its biconic steel spring core makes it durable.
Trebol DESYCON Mattress
  • -10%

Trebol DESYCON Mattress

Comfort and quality define this mattress exactly. Ideal for young people and those who opt for a quality mattress at a good price.
€207.00 €230.00
Ensyjunior DESYCON Mattress Ensyjunior DESYCON Mattress 2
  • On sale!

Ensyjunior DESYCON Mattress

ADAPTABILITY AND COMFORT - KIDS Pocket spring mattress with viscoelastic that combines the adaptability of the individual spring with the high quality viscoelastic of DESYCON, in addition the fabric includes SANITIZED treatment (anti-mites - hypoallergenic), making it an ideal mattress for youth rooms. It can be manufactured in two heights: 21cm and 16cm.
Gravity COMODON Mattress Gravity COMODON Mattress 2
  • -16%

Gravity COMODON Mattress

Ideal mattress with exclusive design for children and young people that has a reinforced pocket spring core combined with Visco Gel and Soft Comfort foam. Magnificent mattress with a perfect adaptation to promote the proper growth of the body structure of the youngest.
€244.44 €291.00

Game SONPURA Thin Mattress

Game thin mattress for nest beds where height is important without losing comfort to use it daily. Its spring core bagged but smaller gives the necessary adaptability adjusting to the ideal height for nest beds, 15cm.
Lumbar DESYCON Mattress
  • -10%

Lumbar DESYCON Mattress

The rest of a lifetime, extra firmness. Possibly the strongest mattress on the market. Its lumbar spring system, reinforced between the spring channels, creates maximum firmness and durability. QUALITY AND DURABILITY GUARANTEE.
€250.20 €278.00
Viscosens DESYCON Mattress
  • -10%

Viscosens DESYCON Mattress

Design come true. Desycon Descanso designs a mattress manufactured with the classic and viscoelastic spring core on both sides of the mattress. A great price quality choice with a medium-high level of firmness.
€250.20 €278.00
Play 20cm Slim SONPURA Mattress Play 20cm Slim SONPURA Mattress 2
  • -15%

Play 20cm Slim SONPURA Mattress

Pocket spring mattress in 20cm reduced version, ideal for children and young people, for its height and firmness, with the Sonpura multisac guarantee. The Multisac Spring System favors growth as it adapts to the weight progressively according to the growth. SPECIAL HEIGHT 20cm.
€260.95 €307.00

Maio ECUS Mattress

Mattress with patented Ecus Multispring core and high density Hr padding resulting in a firm and adaptable rest. A pocket spring mattress at an incredible price and with the Ecus guarantee. WE IMPROVE ANY BUDGET.
Amanecer COMODON Mattress Amanecer COMODON Mattress 2
  • On sale!
  • -15%

Amanecer COMODON Mattress

The Amanecer mattress is manufactured with a 2.4mm Bonell spring, and layers of comfort to adapt to the body structure of each person. It is the ideal mattress for beaches and country houses.
€266.05 €313.00

Play SONPURA Mattress

Pocket spring mattress ideal for children and young people, because of its height and firmness, with the Sonpura multisac guarantee. The Multisac Spring System favors growth as it adapts to the weight progressively according to the growth.

Prisma SONPURA Mattress

Prisma Sonpura Mattress is the most basic of pocket spring Multisac range. With its inner 500 pocket springs we get its advantages at the lowest price. It also counts with Confortec as main padding giving place to a mattress with  bed independence and that offers a very adaptable rest with medium firmness.
Dogma COMODÓN Mattress Dogma COMODÓN Mattress 2
  • On sale!
  • -16%

Dogma COMODÓN Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress with pocket spring, medium firmness, viscoelastic on both sides for adaptability, and a core of 750 individual springs that adapt to the contour of the body and create the ideal bed independence. 
€301.56 €359.00
Viscolumbar DESYCON Mattress
  • -10%

Viscolumbar DESYCON Mattress

A firm and ergonomic mattress. For those who like a very high hardness but combining it with a layer of viscoelastic comfort.
€315.00 €350.00

Kobu ECUS Mattress

Ecus Multispring pocket spring mattress combined with Visco and Hr, resulting in a highly adaptable mattress, with bed independence and very breathable. Superb value for people looking for a firm but adaptable mattress. WE IMPROVE ANY BUDGET.
Ensygel DESYCON Mattress
  • -10%

Ensygel DESYCON Mattress

The perfect combination of the pocket spring, with the latest technologies, with gel viscoelastic that eliminates the sensation of heat during res.
€331.20 €368.00

Flash ASTRAL Mattress

The Astral Flash Mattress is composed of the Comfort Foam, a Double Offset system that provides 25% more springs and the Stretch Soft Touch Fabric that is equipped with the Fresche Treatment and is manufactured without harmful substances.

Smart SONPURA Mattress

The Smart mattress is the perfect combination of firmness and durability at a lower height. It stands out for its core of 500 pocket springs and its height of 25cm. Comfort at a reduced height.
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