Amanecer COMODON Mattress Amanecer COMODON Mattress 2
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Amanecer COMODON Mattress

The Amanecer mattress is manufactured with a 2.4mm Bonell spring, and layers of comfort to adapt to the body structure of each person. It is the ideal mattress for beaches and country houses.
€266.05 €313.00
Flash ASTRAL Mattress Flash ASTRAL Mattress 2
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Flash ASTRAL Mattress

The Astral Flash Mattress is composed of the Comfort Foam, a Double Offset system that provides 25% more springs and the Stretch Soft Touch Fabric that is equipped with the Fresche Treatment and is manufactured without harmful substances.
€285.60 €408.00
Viscolumbar DESYCON Mattress
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Viscolumbar DESYCON Mattress

A firm and ergonomic mattress. For those who like a very high hardness but combining it with a layer of viscoelastic comfort.
€366.70 €386.00
3 Órbitas ASTRAL Mattress 3 Órbitas ASTRAL Mattress 2
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3 Órbitas ASTRAL Mattress

The 3 Órbitas mattress by Astral is composed of Comfort Foam, which combines firmness in 3 zones, the Double Offset system provides 25% more springs, the soft-touch Stretch Fabric, is equipped with the Fresche Treatment and is manufactured without harmful substances.
€388.50 €555.00
Viscodorsal COMODÓN Mattress Viscodorsal COMODÓN Mattress 2
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copy of Viscodorsal COMODÓN Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress with spring PATENTED DORSAL SYSTEM, of high firmness, 2cm of viscoelastic on both sides to give a touch of comfort without giving up its high and unique firmness, its spring core is patented by the brand COMODÓN.
€455.60 €536.00
M-Visco ASTRAL Mattress M-Visco ASTRAL Mattress 2
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M-Visco ASTRAL Mattress

The M-VISCO mattress by Astral  is composed of Viscoelastic Comfort Soft that recovers its shape, adapts and distributes pressures, the Double Offset system gives a 25% extra springs, the Stretch fabric gives a soft touch. It has Fresche treatment and is made without  harmful substances.
€493.50 €705.00
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