Mattress designed for people who do a lot of physical activity, since it combines Hr of profiled soy with different layers of viscoelastic that allow the recovery of muscle and bone wear that occur after competitions. Request more information in our mail or on our phone 681679314 .

Continental ESSENZIA DORMIRE Mattress

Mattress with 40 kg density HR core that guarantees an optimal and firm support, which together with the perforated carbon viscoelastic, make an ideal mattress for people looking for a very adaptable firmness. Very high performance springless mattress. Request more information in our mail or on our phone 681679314 .

Discovery ESSENZIA DORMIRE Mattress

Mattress without springs, with HR Memory Ergonomic core injected forming a structure of tilting HR springs that offers a high-performance, exclusive and durable product. Highly firm mattress for people with high body mass. Request more information in our mail or on our phone 681679314 .

Ondulatto ESSENZIA DORMIRE Mattress

Mattress manufactured with three anatomical layers, one viscoelastic and two HR of different densities. Mattress with 7 comfort zones and highly recommended for articulated beds. Perfect mattress for articulated beds, soft and adaptable. Request more information in our mail or on our phone 681679314 .


Medium-high firm springless mattress ideal for people looking for a durable and high-performance product. It has 8 cm of 50 kg memory foam in two layers, along with high-density foams providing a rest without pressure points. Request more information in our mail  or on our phone 681679314 .


Ideal mattress for people who practice high competition sport, since its anatomical profiling and its different layers of high density viscolelastics allow the body to recover and relax naturally. Mattress made of 100% natural Tencel nature fabric. Request more information in our mail or on our phone 681679314 .
Demotrans DESYCON Rolled Mattress
  • -10%

Demotrans DESYCON Rolled Mattress

Easy to transport. Springless mattress rolled in a vacuum. Without viscoelastic for greater freshness. Orthopedic type.
€125.10 €139.00
Bubu COMODÓN Mattress Bubu COMODÓN Mattress 2
  • -5%

Bubu COMODÓN Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress without springs with medium-high firmness, viscoelastic in the padding and its HR foam core creates the classic youth mattress but now without springs. 16cm +/- height. 
€142.50 €150.00

Libra DESYCON Mattress

Simple and quality for your rest. Springless mattress with viscoelastic padding at a very low price. Recommended for young people and second homes.
Yogui COMODÓN Mattress Yogui COMODÓN Mattress 2
  • -5%

Yogui COMODÓN Mattress

Springless mattress with HR AIR COMFORT core of 28kg, viscoelastic for a better rest. Anti-odor and anti-mite treatment that improves the hygiene of the mattress. This is the ideal mattress for the smallest of the house.
€159.60 €168.00
V-23 DESYCON Mattress
  • -5%

V-23 DESYCON Mattress

Design and comfort. The V-23 mattress is made without springs, with viscoelastic padding, it has a medium-high firmness.
€165.30 €174.00
V-23 Gel DESYCON Mattress
  • -5%

V-23 Gel DESYCON Mattress

Design and comfort. The V-23 Gel mattress is manufactured without springs with Gel viscoelastic padding so that it eliminates the sensation of heat during rest, making a cooler mattress. It has a medium - high firmness.
€180.50 €190.00
Orion DESYCON Mattress
  • -10%

Orion DESYCON Mattress

The style, made rest. A modern style characterizes this mattress without springs with 4cm of high density viscoelastic and medium firmness.
€201.60 €224.00
Ideal COMODON Mattress Ideal COMODON Mattress 2
  • -25%

Ideal COMODON Mattress

Ideal mattress with medium-high firmness with HR AIR COMFORT core and 50kg vicoelastic for a better distribution of weight on the mattress surface, avoiding pressure and improving rest.
€209.25 €279.00
Hades COMODON Mattress Hades COMODON Mattress 2
  • -25%

Hades COMODON Mattress

The Hades mattress immerses you in a firm and ergonomic rest by joining a padded strech with exclusive design, soft and breathable, viscoelastic gel, HR air comfort core of 20 cm and other top quality materials that provide a unique and cozy break.
€216.00 €288.00
Levante Plus DESYCON Mattress
  • -10%

Levante Plus DESYCON Mattress

A healthy rest Springless mattress with 4cm high density viscoelastic on one side. Quality at rest.
€226.80 €252.00
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