Medium-high firm springless mattress ideal for people looking for a durable and high-performance product. It has 8 cm of 50 kg memory foam in two layers, along with high-density foams providing a rest without pressure points. Request more information in our mail info@descansa.es  or on our phone 681679314 .

Ondulatto ESSENZIA DORMIRE Mattress

Mattress manufactured with three anatomical layers, one viscoelastic and two HR of different densities. Mattress with 7 comfort zones and highly recommended for articulated beds. Perfect mattress for articulated beds, soft and adaptable. Request more information in our mail info@descansa.es or on our phone 681679314 .


Ideal mattress for people who practice high competition sport, since its anatomical profiling and its different layers of high density viscolelastics allow the body to recover and relax naturally. Mattress made of 100% natural Tencel nature fabric. Request more information in our mail info@descansa.es or on our phone 681679314 .

Sabipur SABICOL Mattress

The only mattress on the market made without springs with natural oils, in three different FIRM - MEDIUM - SOFT firmness and customizable. 7 years warranty. Available in closed or zippered cover (for articulated beds) 40 DAYS OF ADAPTATION! * See conditions
V-23 Gel DESYCON Mattress
  • -5%

V-23 Gel DESYCON Mattress

Design and comfort. The V-23 Gel mattress is manufactured without springs with Gel viscoelastic padding so that it eliminates the sensation of heat during rest, making a cooler mattress. It has a medium - high firmness.
€199.50 €210.00
Orion DESYCON Mattress
  • -5%

Orion DESYCON Mattress

The style, made rest. A modern style characterizes this mattress without springs with 4cm of high density viscoelastic and medium firmness.
€235.60 €248.00
Flash Hr ASTRAL Mattress Flash Hr ASTRAL Mattress 2
  • -30%

Flash Hr ASTRAL Mattress

The Flash Hr mattress is formed by a Hr Comfort Soft core that provides a high degree of comfort and an adequate natural position of the spine, and Comfort Foam, Hypoallergenic Fibers and Hr Plumex, giving the mattress a high adaptability.
€317.10 €453.00
Megan DESYCON Mattress
  • -5%

Megan DESYCON Mattress

The importance of rest. The Megan mattress meets the highest demands of the customer who wants a spring mattress with viscoelastic. 
€345.80 €364.00
Emma Mattress Emma Mattress 2
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  • -43%

Emma Mattress

THE MOST VALUED MATTRESS OF EUROPE! Emma has invested heavily in the development of a mattress that provides both support and relaxation to your body. We have achieved this by combining 3 layers of special foams to provide you with the most restful and pleasant sleep possible. Emma mattress will become your best ally when you rest. 100 day trial! 10...
€237.41 €416.50
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