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Ondulatto ESSENZIA DORMIRE Mattress

Mattress manufactured with three anatomical layers, one viscoelastic and two HR of different densities. Mattress with 7 comfort zones and highly recommended for articulated beds. Perfect mattress for articulated beds, soft and adaptable. Request more information in our mail or on our phone 681679314 .
Emma Mattress Emma Mattress 2
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Emma Mattress

THE MOST VALUED MATTRESS OF EUROPE! Emma has invested heavily in the development of a mattress that provides both support and relaxation to your body. We have achieved this by combining 3 layers of special foams to provide you with the most restful and pleasant sleep possible. Emma mattress will become your best ally when you rest. 100 day trial! 10...
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Madonne articulated COMODÓN Mattress Madonne articulated COMODÓN Mattress 2
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Madonne articulated COMODÓN Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress without springs, ideal for articulated beds, its 4cm of ViscoGum provide a soft comfort, its HR core of 28kg of profiled density gives it a durable support and with extra breathability.
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