Eco GOLDSLEEP Slatted Base Eco GOLDSLEEP Slatted Base 2
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Eco GOLDSLEEP Slatted Base

Slatted bed base, the classic. Recommended for second homes and low-use beds. THE CLASSIC SLATTED BASE WITH CLAWS
€77.40 €86.00
  • -30%


Quality and desing. Legs included. Special for latex mattresses and rooms with high humidity to favor mattress ventilation.
€108.50 €155.00
COMODON Upholstered Base COMODON Upholstered Base 2
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COMODON Upholstered Base

Upholstered bases are recommended so that the mattress rests on a flat and hard surface. They are recommended for any type of mattress except latex.
Upholstered base 5B GOLDSLEEP Upholstered base 5B GOLDSLEEP 2
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Upholstered base 5B GOLDSLEEP

Upholstered base with reinforced structure. Upholstered in 3D mesh Color to choose.  HIGH QUALITY - Guaranteed No. 1 in Sales Recommended product for any type of mattress, with or without springs, except latex.
€157.25 €185.00
Air Fixed GoldSleep Slatted Base
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Air Fixed GoldSleep Slatted Base

MAXIMUM QUALITY AND BREATHABILITY High-end bed base, recommended for those looking for the durability and firmness of an upholstered base, but with 100% perspiration. 
€186.20 €266.00

Concept SONPURA Upholstered base

High-end upholstered Sonpura base. Chipboard support for greater structural quality. Metal structure with 5 bars. Patented BASE-FIX system. Upholstered with confortec and 3D Drycare. SUPERIOR QUALITY .
Metalplus GOLDSLEEP Articulated Bed Base
  • -20%

Metalplus GOLDSLEEP Articulated Bed Base

Metal articulated bed base with independent reinforcement system on the legs, metal structure and tilting beech slats. 100% spanish manufacturing.
€320.00 €400.00
Metal-32 GOLDSLEEP Storage Base Metal-32 GOLDSLEEP Storage Base 2
  • -10%

Metal-32 GOLDSLEEP Storage Base

METALLIC STRUCTURE + BREATHABLE HIGH CAPACITY. Upholstered storage base with high capacity. Available in different colors. It is ideal for your country house or beach, thanks to its hollow structure, breathes more than any other base.
€370.71 €411.90

Canapé Abatible Metal-24 GOLDSLEEP

ESTRUCTURA METÁLICA + TRANSPIRABLE CAPACIDAD NORMAL. Canapé abatible tapizado en polipiel con capacidad 24cm. Disponible en varios colores. Es ideal para tu casa de campo o playa, gracias a su estructura hueca ventila el triple mas que cualquier otro canapé.
Mega GOLDSLEEP Storage Base Mega GOLDSLEEP Storage Base 2
  • -10%

Mega GOLDSLEEP Storage Base

NUMBER ONE ON SALES. QUALITY-PRICE. GREAT CAPACITY. Wooden storage base with a capacity of 29 cm. Available in various colors. It is characterized by a 30 mm wooden width and a cover upholstered in 3D fabric so that it can be used with any type of mattress. In addition it goes to the ground to avoid that between the dirt and the ground is of extra pressed...
€422.10 €469.00
Global SONPURA Wood Storage Base Global SONPURA Wood Storage Base 2
  • -15%

Global SONPURA Wood Storage Base

Marvelous 22mm wooden storage base with a simple and elegant finish, which presents one of the most resistant tops with five horizontal crossbars that give it great stability and less chance of deformation over time. Available in four colors: White, Wengue, Natural and Oak
€455.60 €536.00
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